iPhone 5: Nothing decided except October (or not)

The latest rumor spilling into the iPhonosphere suggests that no decisions have been made about screen size or ratio, nor even about a metal back. But, yet again, October is the rumored month.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Clearly, Apple doesn't have iPhone5.com yet. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Quite a few people seem to know someone in Apple who will fill them in on what's going on with the latest iPhone.

However, quite often, when the real thing comes out, it doesn't seem to coincide with the surefire details of that information.

So one should always take each rumor with a dram of delight and a soupcon of skepticism.

Today's comes from iMore, whose inside source reveals possible turmoil or mere mental torture within Cupertino.

For there appears to be no finalized decisions as to what the new mega-phone might contain. Will it have a mega-screen? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Will it have a metal back? Possibly. Will there be a Home button? For now, yes. Tomorrow, who knows? Will it go 16:9 for its screen ratio? We'll get back to you.

The launch date, on the other hand, seems consistent across so many different rumors that surely every fanperson has already placed a big rectangle -- perhaps even one of 16:9 ratio aspect -- around the month of October on their calendar.

There clearly is much still to be done. Apple hasn't managed to secure iPhone5.com yet, despite reportedly trying very hard to wrest it from the hands of a mysterious forum.

Indeed, on going there today, I observed that the home page was adorned with an ad for the Galaxy Nexus.

iMore is also still confident that the iPhone 5 launch will be a duet with the arrival of an iPad mini, of which it spoke yesterday.

One must always keep breathing during this rumor period, as -- from my own dimly lit recollection -- few, and perhaps no one, seemed to know that the third iPad would actually be called, um, the iPad.

The Machiavellian in me -- he really ought to get out more -- delights in imagining Apple's management encouraging employees to offer rumors to media members in return, say, for an extra day off every two years.