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iPhone 4S arrives early to lucky German buyer

A German iPhone 4S buyer has gotten the device some four days ahead of its launch. There are few surprises about what's inside though.

An iPhone 4S arriving four days ahead of launch.
An iPhone 4S arriving four days ahead of launch.

Apple's next iPhone doesn't arrive until Friday, but one German customer has already received a unit ahead of time and provided photos of the packaging and the new Siri feature in action.

German site (via MacStories) posted photos the buyer shared of the 32GB model. The outside box doesn't bear any notable changes from the iPhone 4's packaging except for the obvious "S" on the side.

Apple and some carrier partners have already begun shipping the new iPhone to customers, including Sprint and Apple itself, with shipping carriers expected to hold delivery until Friday when the phone goes on sale in the U.S. and other launch countries.

Last year Apple offered some preorder buyers shipments of the iPhone 4 a day before the device hit stores, something that could happen this time around as well.