iOS 7 and Darth Vader's ashtray in Podcast 343

We ponder where iOS 7 stole its best ideas, square off the Xbox One and PS4, and wonder if Darth Vader would like the new Mac Pro.

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Richard Trenholm
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What a week that was! Not only did we see the PS4 and Xbox One go head-to-head at last, we also got a long-awaited new look for iOS 7 and a new Mac Pro that would make Darth Vader's nipples go hard.

But which console is the superior gaming behemoth? Where does iOS 7 borrow its ideas from? And how can you charge your phone with your pants when you're hitting up the festivals?

Plus we take your feedback from Facebook, Twitter and on the emails. What do you think of the Xbox One and PS4? Is it worth buying a new phone from the US? Are oranges the only fruit?

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