Iogear's KVM switch does more than control computer

Iogear introduces the first KVM switch for laptop that also works as a data connection.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo
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Iogear's USB Laptop KVM Switch can do more than just switching mouse, video, and keyboard. Iogear

Iogear introduced on Monday the first KVM Switch that enables control of a second computer using your laptop--the USB Laptop KVM Switch.

For those who are not familiar with this type of device, KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse. A KVM switch is a device that allows for working directly with more than one computer via only one set of KVM and therefore keeping the work space free from clutter, and saving energy as well as money. This is only applicable to situations where you don't need to directly interact with all of the involved computers at the same time.

Unlike most existing KVM switches, the new USB Laptop KVM Switch also works as a data connection. This means, apart from controlling a second computer with your laptop's KVM, you can, too, transfer files between the two computers. All you need to do is simply connect two computers via USB 2.0 ports.

In addition, the USB Laptop KVM Switch has an integrated USB 2.0 port to connect another USB device, such as a printer, an external hard drive, a Webcam, and so on. You then have direct access to this device from the controlling laptop. The USB Laptop KVM Switch also features desktop scaling that modifies the second computer's resolution to be compatible with a laptop screen.

The new Iogear USB Laptop KVM Switch works with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems and is estimated to cost $130. I couldn't find it at any online stores at the time of writing this blog, but it's supposed to be available for purchase immediately.