YouTube knows your state's favorite ice cream flavor

It's National Ice Cream Day! See if your tastes fall in line with the rest of your state.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Only two states went strawberry.


Ice cream is a very individual thing. Some go for classic vanilla or chocolate. Other's embrace nouveau flavors like green tea. As YouTube discovered when it crunched viewing data, certain states go for certain tastes when it comes to ice cream videos.

In honor of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, YouTube shared a map showing "the most disproportionately popular ice cream flavor" for each state. The chart was compiled using geographic data combined with "views of all ice-cream related videos that are about those specific flavors" from June. 

The Southern states leaned heavily toward butter pecan. Cookies and cream reigned in scattered outposts across the country. Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could't make up their minds, so they went with Neapolitan, a treat combining vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 

While there are plenty of classics on display, green tea is making inroads. It's no surprise California and Washington state are lusting after green tea ice cream, but New York also went all in on the beverage-inspired dessert.

While the map doesn't really constitute a serious scientific study, it's a fun way to kick off National Ice Cream Day. If you don't like your state's favorite flavor, then take it up with your YouTube-watching neighbors.

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