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See Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue on the world's smallest coin

It's so tiny it comes with a magnifying glass. And it costs $205.

A new Swiss coin holds a world record -- and offers some tongue-in-cheek entertainment. State-owned Swissmint revealed the coin on Thursday, and it shows the famed image of physicist Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. But the image is so small each coin will be sold with a magnifying glass so owners can actually see the Nobel Prize winner's face.


You'll need a magnifying glass to see physicist Albert Einstein on this tiny gold coin.

Federal Mint Swissmint

Swissmint says the 0.12-inch (2.96 millimeter) coin is the smallest in the world -- it weighs just 1/500th of an ounce (0.063 grams). It is nominally worth 1/4 Swiss franc (26 cents American), but only 999 will be sold, and they'll sell as collectors' items, for 199 Swiss francs ($205, £156, AU$299), mag glass included. 


Swiss-born tennis star Roger Federer also appears on a new Swiss coin.

Federal Mint Swissmint

The tiny coin featuring Einstein's goofy expression is just one of the recent notable coins released by Swissmint. Swiss-born tennis star Roger Federer appears on a commemorative silver coin, marking the first time a living person has appeared on a Swiss coin. In December, more than 33,000 Federer coins were sold in pre-sale.