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RIP, Google Plus: People memorialize failed social network on Twitter

Some are taking it pretty well.

Social media: Google Plus
Getty Images

The day has officially come for Google to subtract Google Plus.

The move has been a long time coming. Last year, the search giant said it would shut down Google Plus after it found and fixed a security flaw that may've exposed the personal data of 500,000 users. On Tuesday, Google began shutting down pages on the platform.

Leave it to people to use other social media platforms -- namely, Twitter -- to share their reactions. 

"So long, @GooglePlus. We barely used ye," tweeted Killed by Google, which tracks the company's discontinued products. 

"The last hours," one person tweeted, along with a picture of figures like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson and Harambe with the text "Come join us, Google Plus."

Burger King also weighed in, tweeting "Pour one out for Google Plus."

Some users of the social network are patting themselves on the back for having stuck with it. One person tweeted an image of two stars saying "I survived G+" and "Google+ Veteran."

Some were sad to see the platform go. 

"This website has been such an important part of my life ever since 2015," one person tweeted. "Largely due to how many incredible people I've met thanks to it that I still keep in touch with."

Others weren't so emotional. 

On Tuesday, Google also killed its Inbox email app, which broke out emails into different categories instead of one long list. That meant double the pain for some people. 

"This is no joking matter," Killed by Google tweeted on April Fools' Day.  

Alas, all good (or mediocre, depending on your judgment) things must come to an end. One person shared a rather bleak message from Google Plus, which reads "Looks like you've reached the end." 

RIP, our friend. Gone, but not yet completely forgotten.