Apple Mac Pro design inspires cheese grater jokes, and they're pretty gouda

From WWDC 2019: It has up to a muenster 1.5TB of system memory. And it's grate for making pizza.

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Apple wowed its 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) crowd in San Jose, California, on Monday when it unveiled a glorious new Mac Pro stuffed with top-tier hardware specs such as a 28-core Intel Xeon processor and an Afterburner movie-editing graphics card. But looking at the new machine made some observers hungry. Yeah, it totally looks like a cheese grater.

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The new Mac Pro look is inspired by an earlier Mac Pro design that featured a boxy silver case with matching feet and handles. That Pro had a mesh pattern on the front and back. The big holes on the new Mac Pro give it an even more intense grater flair than the original model. 

Twitter was quick to welcome the shiny silver design with the handles on top. "Love the new Mac Pro design," wrote Harm Holting along with a photo of a classic box-style cheese grater.

Naturally, this must lead to a pun.

Twitter user unōrsk would have liked to see Apple stick with its famous "i" branding and just call it the "iGrater." 

Tech reporter Rich DeMuro noticed something out of this world about the holes: they look like little alien faces.

While most people had dairy products on the mind, Nice Fi Wah thought the Mac Pro was hot, hot, hot like a radiator.

If you squint, you can also see a certain resemblance to a foot rasp used to smooth out rough heels.

WWDC focuses on the nerdier side of Apple's endeavors and is the usual launchpad for new operating system updates, app advancements and the occasional piece of hardware. We expected to hear about the new Mac Pro; we just didn't realize it would look like a kitchen tool.

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But, hey, it's still a big step up from the previous cylindrical Mac Pro design, which looked for all the world like a trash can.

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