Kangaroo invades field at Australian soccer match, refuses to leave

Welcome to Australia.

Mark Serrels Editorial Director
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Mark Serrels

You spend years trying to fight the stereotype. You tell well-meaning Americans, no, kangaroos aren't everywhere. No, we don't ride them to school.

Then something like this happens.

Yes, that's a kangaroo. Invading a soccer pitch. Chilling out for a bit, then flat out refusing to leave.

This was a match between Canberra FC and Belconnen United, two Australian teams in Canberra's women's top division, the National Premier League, over the weekend. The match was being streamed live on BarTV when one savvy cameraman zoomed in on the kangaroo. First it was relaxing in the crowd, then it decided to get in on the action. First it lay down in the box, then it started going hard, bouncing all over the pitch.

On the official match report, a single line: "Second half kick off delayed by 32 minutes due to a kangaroo on the pitch."