Jeff Bezos shares video of 10,000-year clock project

The Amazon CEO embarks on construction of a $42 million mechanical clock buried deep in a Texas mountain that will keep time for 10 millennia.

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Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos shared a video on Tuesday of his latest project: a giant clock designed to keep time for 10,000 years.

Buried deep in a west Texas mountain, the project is in partnership with San Francisco-based group The Long Now Foundation, which grew out of an idea for a 10,000 year clock that co-founder Danny Hillis proposed back in the '90s. Now, the 500-foot tall mechanical wonder is finally undergoing installation. 

Here's the video Bezos shared:

Bezos is fronting the cash for the $42 million project, saying on the project's website that the clock is "designed to be a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking."

The clock is powered by a large weight hanging on a gear, built out of materials durable enough to keep time for 10 millennia. Bezos isn't the only noteworthy name on the clock project. Musician Brian Eno and writers Kevin Kelly and Stewart Brand are also involved in the clock's construction.

The team has spent the last few years creating parts for the clock and drilling through the mountain to store the pieces. You can read Bezos's account of that and view photos of the progress here

Bezos and the project team intend for visitors to be able to view the finished timepiece, although the site does note that the clock's remote location is hours from the nearest airport, with a rugged foot trail rising nearly 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Will the 10,000-year clock stand the exceptional test of time? We'll likely never know. 

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