Interactive Google Doodle helps you create the perfect Mother's Day card

Get ready to get creative for the special mom in your life.

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Get ready to get creative.


Sunday is Mother's Day, the day we show our (extra) appreciation for all Mom selflessly does for us. From feeding and clothing us when we're young to helping keep us safe from all that threatens our physical and emotional health throughout our lives, Mom is one of a kind.

The day before Mother's Day, a near-scrum typically breaks out in the greeting card aisle of local shops, with last-minute shoppers picking through the stock to find just the right card to put a smile on Mom's face.

But that's a difficult proposition this year. With the threat of coronavirus still hanging heavy in the air, keeping safe is paramount on everyone's mind. Many may be reluctant to get too close to other shoppers looking for a card they might have to deliver while practicing social distancing. 

Google understands this predicament and has created an interactive Doodle that lets you create your own digital art from your heart and then ship it off to the special mom in your life, all from the safety of your computer.

The interactive Doodle comes as interest increases in finding ways to celebrate a less-than-traditional Mother's Day. Google reports that search interest in "homemade Mother's Day card" is up 160% and that the most popular virtual Mother's Day search are "virtual Mothers Day ideas," "virtual Mothers Day gifts" and "virtual Mothers Day cards."

So if you haven't already purchased or created a card, consider letting Google help you make one for the special mom in your life while showing how much she means to you by keeping your distance this year.

Happy Mother's Day and virtual hugs to all the moms out there. 

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