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Google's Halloween Doodle game resurrects Momo the black cat

Our feline friend has found a new foe to fight -- underwater ghouls!

Momo the black cat is baaaack! Click the image to play.

Google has brought back Momo the black cat to help celebrate this year's Halloween. When last we saw our adorable but fearless feline, he was helping defend the Magic Cat Academy from a horde of invading spirits on Halloween 2016.

This year, Momo is taking a deep dive -- underwater! -- as he defends new friends from the Big Boss ghost and its school of ghouls. Momo may be at risk of another possible catastrophe without your help.

Momo is being besieged by phantoms with simple symbols hovering over their heads. To vanquish the fish, you need to help Momo strike them down with his magic wand by using your cursor to draw the symbols. When there are multiple symbols, you have to draw them in the order they appear from left to right.


Ready to give Momo a hand?


There are four levels of game play that become progressively harder to play. The first stage -- because it's closest to the surface at the beginning of our quest -- is called the sunlight stage. It features an aquatic foe known as the Immortal Jellyfish, which, when it's nearing death, can revert to polyp stage and restart its life cycle.

Level two takes us deeper into the dark with the Twilight Zone. There are no signposts here, but you will encounter a foe known as Boops Boops that has large, buggy eyes.

For level three, the Midnight Zone will pit you against the Vampire Squid, which despite its name, doesn't suck or drink blood. In fact, it doesn't have teeth.

If you can survive this long, your fourth and final test is in The Abyss, where you will face off with the Anglerfish. This spooky, deep-sea dweller has a large head and mouth that features long, fanglike teeth. It uses a glowing growth at the end of its modified dorsal fin spine called an esca to attract prey.

You start with a five-heart lifeline. You lose a heart every time a fish touches Momo, and the game ends when you run out of  hearts, but you can earn the hearts back. (Pro tip: Keep an eye out for other shapes that may be of value )

If you're fishing for another addicting Halloween game, Google delivers. So dive in!