Internet Culture

Google Doodle wishes you a Merry Christmas

Santa gets a break.


Google celebrated Christmas Day with two Doodles.

Most of the world saw a slightly animated Santa and Mrs. Claus relaxing in rocking chairs beside a Christmas tree, as two reindeer snooze nearby. Apparently, they've all been pretty busy and are finally getting a break. The bold colors – yellow, blue, red and green -- are cheerful and bright.

However, a small scattering of countries – the UK, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – were treated to a completely different static Doodle, with no Santa in sight. Muted shades of blue, tan and maroon create a peaceful scene with the phases of the moon on display. A leaping rabbit, birds, foxes and huskies fill the space. There is a human presence too, but it seems they're snuggled in their homes for the moment. There's a subtlety to the artwork and a sense of transition as another Christmas comes and goes.