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Google Doodle prepares to welcome 2019 with partying pachyderms

Google's traditional party animals show up for New Year's Eve.

Google's party animals are ready to ring in 2019.

Google is ringing in the new year in its traditional party-animal style.

In years past, Google has created New Year's Eve Doodles that feature birds, but this year the search giant is moving to another part of the zoo, tapping elephants to welcome 2019. Monday's animated Doodle stars a pair of pachyderms happily using their trunks to prepare for their party -- one is blowing up balloons, while the other makes sure there isn't too much popcorn lying around.

While we celebrate surviving another trip around the sun, it's also important to survive this last day of the year, especially if you're a party animal.

If you plan to drink, please plan not to drive. Instead, download a ride-sharing app or save the number for a taxi company in your phone's contacts so you can make it home without risking injury or worse.

Or just crash on a nearby friend's couch. (It's better than crashing on the road.)

If you don't drink, you might consider volunteering to be a designated driver by offering rides to friends through your social media account.

Whatever you do, have fun, stay safe and see you next year.