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Google Doodle has a mini Wordle Easter egg

Google guesses today's word.

Google Doodle Wordle

Google has added a mini Doodle in its top right corner paying homage to the most popular online word game around right now. 

If you Google the word "wordle," a little gif will appear in the top left corner of your desktop or mobile screen where the Google logo usually sits. 

The gif flicks through a couple of words, gaining orange and green boxes before settling on "Google" as the correct answer.

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Wordle is a daily word puzzle that's taken the internet by storm. There's a new five-letter word every day that you get six guesses to get right. Boxes will turn yellow if you guess the right letter but in the wrong spot, or green for the right letter in the right spot. Gray boxes mean the letter isn't in the word at all.

Here are some strategies and tips on how to guess the correct Wordle word.