Fancy Feast cookbook whips up recipes for humans, inspired by cat food

People can have a little salmon. As a treat.

Amanda Kooser
Amanda Kooser
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The look you get when it's dinnertime. 

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A lot of my life revolves around the demands of my elderly cat Archer. I get up when he yells at me in the morning. I wear dark clothes because he has black fur. While I might coordinate my fashion with him, I hadn't ever thought about coordinating my dinners with his dietary whims. Until now.

In a stroke of marketing madness, Fancy Feast -- maker of small-portion cat foods -- released a cookbook this month for humans that ties people food together with a new line of feline munchies. You can scope out the cookbook online (pdf link).

Fancy Feast Petites are single-serve entrees for cats designed to attract human attention with names like "seared salmon entree with spinach" and "grilled chicken entree with rice." The matching recipes come from Fancy Feast's in-house chef Amanda Hassner, who collaborated with chef Jerrelle Guy and actor/baker Josh Snyder.

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This Fancy Feast roasted salmon recipes involves French toast and cardamom carrots.

Purina Fancy Feast

In case you were worried, the human recipes look both sophisticated and gourmet. 

While your cat chows on a chicken entree, you can whip up a honey sriracha grilled chicken with spicy fried rice. Or give the cat the salmon entree and enjoy your own roasted salmon with spiced French toast, cardamom carrots and maple rosemary sauce.

The cookbook is supposed to promote mealtime as a bonding experience with your cat, just in case your kitty doesn't already get up in your face every time you try to make salmon for yourself.  

If you're like me, you'll break down and share a tiny taste of your meal with your spoiled house panther. Fancy feasts, indeed.