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Elon Musk spits fire at Mark Zuckerberg in Epic Rap Battle

Facebook's Zuckerberg scoffs at Musk's many companies, but guess who's the one with the flamethrower?

In this corner, a 47-year-old CEO from South Africa who recently got in trouble for smoking pot on a podcast. His opponent, a 34-year-old American who looks a lot like Data from Star Trek.

In the latest video in the Epic Rap Battles of History, posted Friday after a two-year hiatus for the video series, fictional versions of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg challenge each other in a brawl for it all. The series creators also play the lead roles, with "EpicLloyd" Ahlquist as Musk and "NicePeter" Shukoff as Zuckerberg.

Everything from Zuckerberg's continuous water-drinking during his Capitol Hill hearings to Musk's family history is fair game. Musk also gets to wield one of his famed flamethrowers and land on Mars, so maybe he wins.