Elon Musk masks let you face off with the Tesla billionaire

Hey, that's rich. Now you can choose from one of four Elon Musk facial expressions on a free printable mask bearing the SpaceX CEO's visage.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper

Elon Musk? No, it's Elon Mask.

Elon Mask

Most of us will never get a sense of what it's like to be a billionaire, but now we can put on a free  Elon Musk mask and pretend.

The Tesla/SpaceX founder's face has been turned into four different masks made by two and Space X employees, and they're available for printing out, full-face-sized

Choose from Iconic (regular ol' Musk); Badass (the future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades); Falcon High (a more natural look); and the Been Better Mask, which features Musk making a shrugging gesture.

In a witty FAQ list, the maskers explain why they created the project, saying, "We want more people to choose the path of being extraordinary." They explain who should wear the mask: "Basically, everyone. Even the richest man on the planet." 

They note Musk isn't himself involved with the masks and they're free and here to stay. They even tell would-be Musk maskers how to feel about the idea: "You're supposed to be surprised. Like, wow, why nobody thought about this before?"

They don't explain where you'd wear the mask. A Tesla dealership for a test drive? Your bank when you next need a loan? But surely you can come up with some ideas.

This is far from the first goofy pop-culture joke involving Musk. There's also a novelty car air freshener called "Elon's Musk."

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