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Donald Trump #SmockingGun typo sets Twitter on fire

Get your smocking-gun memes while they're hot.

President Trump's latest typo is quite an attention-getter.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Most typos dropped on Twitter stay under the radar. US President Donald Trump, however, is under a social-media magnifying glass, and Twitter users took notice when he misspelled "smoking" twice in one tweet Monday.

The typos came during a tirade against the federal government's investigation into possible Russian ties to Trump's presidential campaign.

The typos sent #SmockingGun shooting up the trending chart as Twitter users delighted in references to smocks, apron-like garments usually worn to keep people clean while making artwork. 

"#SmockingGun sounds like an arts and crafts shop in Texas where kids build their own AR-15s," wrote comedian Marie Connor. 

Minnesota Representative-elect Ilhan Omar chimed in, saying, "I bet we can find a #SmockingGun online somewhere, and use it to whip up some adorable 1980's throwback children's wear."

Kerry O.C. drew a line between the smocking gun and fashion consultant and TV host Tim Gunn, writing "Found one!!"

The Gunn-pun tweet works even better once you know the true meaning of "smocking." The Merriam-Webster dictionary try to set everyone straight by dropping this definition: "'Smocking' is a type of embroidery made of many small folds sewn into place."

Twitter user Matthew Kick gave a humorous shout-out to one of Trump's most famous Twitter spellings of all time, the mysterious "covfefe" back in 2017.

The typo also dredged up a bit of distant political history from back in 1992, when Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled "potato" while helping out with a spelling bee. "Somewhere Dan Quayle is smiling because he's no longer the worst speller associated with the White House," screenwriter Ryan Malik said.

A Twitter user going by the handle Puma managed to turn the newborn smocking-gun meme into a Star Wars and Star Trek crossover by writing, "My favorite Star Wars character is Mr. Smock."

Smocking is the latest in a string of Trump Twitter typos, following on the heels of previous efforts, including "unpresidented" for "unprecedented" and "Assuage" instead of Julian "Assange." Trump has occasionally deleted misspelled tweets, but "No Smocking Gun....No Collusion" is still living large on Twitter hours after its debut. 

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