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Bill Gates celebrates 10 years on Twitter by sharing 7 favorite tweets

Toilets, mosquitoes and even former president Barack Obama all make appearances.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates joined Twitter a decade ago, and he seems to enjoy the platform more than most billionaires. Although Gates' Twitter personality isn't as free-wheeling as, say, Tesla's Elon Musk, he regularly shares information about causes that matter to him as well as a few personal tidbits. 

Now Gates is celebrating that anniversary by looking back on some of his favorite tweets. 

"I joined Twitter 10 years (and a couple of days) ago," Gates tweeted on Thursday. "These are some of my favorite tweets. What's your favorite tweet from the last 10 years?"

In a short video posted Thursday, Gates reveals seven of those favorites, including his first-ever tweet, which began with the famed phrase "Hello World," often used by newbie programmers.

Gates' favorite tweets include one on the shocking amount of cement China has used in the last three years, and another on the importance of vaccines. There's one on the challenge to reinvent the toilet, one on the most beautiful chart in the world, and another on why Gates hates mosquitoes. Even former president Barack Obama makes a humorous appearance.

Gates also highlighted his Twitter video where he takes the ice-bucket challenge for ALS -- naturally, the techie built an elaborate setup rather than just have wife Melinda dump water on his head.

"Thank you, Twitter, for 10 great years, and here's to 10 more," Gates says at the end of his video.