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Create hilarious medieval memes with this online generator

The Historic Tale Construction Kit returns online so fans of the popular meme can make their customized Bayeux Tapestry images.

The famous Bayeux Tapestry -- which is returning to the UK for the first time in 950 years -- tells the story of the Norman takeover of England via elaborate embroidery. But you don't have to invade the UK to make your own version of the tapestry.

Using the Historic Tale Construction Kit, you can grab the same images of warriors, citizens, beasts, buildings, ships and more from the tapestry and create your own embroidered memes.   

Two German students, Björn Karnebogen and Gerd Jungbluth from Academy of Media Arts Cologne, originally wrote the Historic Tale Construction Kit using Flash. 

While their original Flash site is no longer available, there is a new application online, created by GitHub's users Leonard Allain-Launay, Mathieu Thoretton and Maira, which revives the popular medieval meme generator.

You can also download a standalone version of the meme generator and run it offline, too.

"This project is available for you to use and we hope you will enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoyed building it. We put the open source code on GitHub, so you can grab it, tinker with it or even help us by contributing," the team wrote on the GitHub site

Fans of the meme are already posting some rather creative versions of the Bayeux Tapestry on social media using the Historic Tale Construction Kit, including parodies of TV shows, music lyrics and more. 

Here are some of our favorites: