Why Alex Jones and Eric Trump are suddenly Kanye West fans

Kanye West’s return to Twitter after nearly a year away has taken a very unexpected turn.

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What do cartoonist Scott Adams, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and presidential son Eric Trump have in common? As of this week, a newfound appreciation of Kanye West. In yet another sign of how unpredictable 2018 continues to be, Kanye has gone from promoting new T-shirts and GOOD Fridays music giveaways to signalling his support for the right wing.

Kanye deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts for unknown reasons last year, but since returning to the service this month, he's quickly become a new icon for conservatives on the social media site. It started on Saturday, when he expressed support for writer and conservative commentator Candace Owens, who has been particularly vocal about her distaste for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Following the backlash to that tweet, Dilbert-creator-turned-conservative-pundit Adams posted a video Sunday on how Kanye, with his tweet about Owens, "in seven words, unlocked a mental prison and is bringing you to the Golden Age." If you thought Dilbert.com just hosted comics, you're in for a President Trump, cryptocurrency, men's rights-filled surprise.

And the rabbit hole goes further. Jones, whose role helming the leading conspiracy news site InfoWars has made him a figurehead for the many of the most extreme elements of the right, now admires Kanye as a fellow insurgent against the "thought police."

On Tuesday,  Eric Trump "liked" a tweet from Kanye that simply said "question everything."


Reports that Ivanka Trump had followed Kanye, however, appear to either have been wrong, or she abandoned her follow. (Sorry Kanye!) Jones, Adams and Eric didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

To fans familiar with Kanye making headlines with one of the most public criticisms of President George W. Bush this side of a shoe-throwing, this rallying of conservative support may come as a surprise. But it's worth remembering then-president elect Trump did meet with Kanye in 2016, Kanye tweeted and deleted support of Trump and he has proven himself to be nothing if not a wild card.

Wednesday, the president himself joined the bandwagon after Kanye defended his vocal support for Trump.

Updated, April 25 at 12:44 p.m. PT: President Trump's most recent Kanye tweet has been added.

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