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Intergalactic Exchange Bureau converts sci-fi currency

Plan your next fictional vacation down to the dollar with a sci-fi and fantasy currency converter that figures the exchange rates between Earth, "Star Wars," "Star Trek," and "Game of Thrones."

Currency converter
Just in case Jon Snow catches a ride on the Enterprise.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Few things are more embarrassing than landing your Millennium Falcon in Westeros, walking into an inn, and not having exact change for your flagon of wine. That's almost as bad as Harry Potter arriving at DS9 and trying to figure out how many galleons he owes to park his broom.

Sci-fi and fantasy characters no longer need to worry about making financial faux pas when crossing over from world to world. The Intergalactic Exchange Bureau is here to help convert a variety of fictional currencies into other fictional currencies, or into dollars, pounds, or euros.

The whimsical currency converter comes from U.K. loan company Money in Advance. It includes currencies from "Star Wars," "Star Trek," "Game of Thrones," "Discworld," "Red Dwarf," the Harry Potter series, "Judge Dredd," the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and even the Sims.

Let's say you have 10 Simeons stuffed away in your piggy bank. That translates to just 5.08 Federation credits. With that exchange rate, you might not want to vacation in the "Star Trek" universe.

The sci-fi currency converter has an interesting take on the classic "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek" argument. In this case, the winner is "Star Wars," by a hair. Converting 1000 Galactic credits gets you 1032.47 Federation credits. Sounds like Darth Vader should be booking his shore leave on pleasure planet Risa this year.