Insta-Ferrari makes any car an Italian supercar

Artist Benedetto Bufalino created an ultra-budget red supercar from humble materials like cardboard and foil.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Fake Ferrari
You might notice some differences between this and a regular Ferrari. Benedetto Bufalino

No Ferrari, no problem. The sleek and sexy screaming-red supercar of your dreams can be yours, in a way. You just need to track down French artist Benedetto Bufalino and get him to loan you the keys to his Ferrari Testarossa replica.

Bufalino's Ferrari has a few trade-offs. It doesn't quite have the performance of the real deal, but it will attract a lot of attention when you're out cruising. That's because it's actually a full-body car-topper crafted from cardboard, paint, and foil.

The vehicle underneath the disguise is a decidedly un-sporty Aixam City. The Ferrari costume has cutouts to allow the driver to see out the windows. The famous horse logo is attached in the correct places.

The faux-rrari isn't going to fool anyone, unless you forgot your glasses and are seeing it from 200 feet away, driving away from you. Even then, you'll probably figure out it's not a $220,000 vehicle made by Italian craftspeople.

Besides the joy of the complete absurdity of the creation, one thing this modified vehicle has going for it is affordability. I'm thinking I should go take the measurements of my Prius. It would sure look good in red.

(Via Designboom)