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Indiana Jones raids Zynga's Adventure World

"Truck? What truck?" While Indiana Jones is coming off his possibly least popular big-screen adventure, he will ride again as a playable element in Zynga's online game.


While fans of the Indiana Jones franchise wait to see if Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford will pursue a fifth installment in that movie franchise, Indy fans on Facebook can spend a little time visiting Dr. Jones through Zynga's Adventure World.

Indiana Jones and the Calendar of the Sun is a spinoff of Adventure World, Zynga's puzzle-based social game. The chapter is part of a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Zynga to bring Indiana Jones to online mini-games for the first time.

Players can become their favorite archaeology professor or create their own character to solve death-defying (though cheerfully colorful) puzzles. The game is available around the world (insert airplane travel map montage now...) in 14 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, and Dutch), and players can join together online to preserve antiquity's secrets.

In addition to graphic novels, Lego video games, and other outlets, the game is a way for Lucasfilm to keep Indiana Jones on the pop culture radar while the aforementioned Big Three decide whether to make another film or let the franchise retire on "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." That film made a stack of gold idols, but it wasn't received all that well among fans or critics. So, if any Zynga players find a buried script for a fifth movie, let us know.