In time for Valentine's Day: Bullet-shaped flash drive

Presumably intended for gun enthusiasts or Second Amendment supporters, Active Media is rolling out a .22-caliber shaped flash drive. Want more firepower? Active also offers .50-cal.

Greg Sandoval Former Staff writer
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Greg Sandoval

Is there a design school somewhere that instructs students on creating goofy USB flash drives?

Bullet-shaped flash drives retail for between $14 and $21. Active Media

We've seen drives shaped in the form of engagement rings, bones, lighters, car keys, and skulls. We now get a drive in the shape of a silver .22 caliber bullet.

The tech trinket comes from Active Media Products and is presumably marketed for the NRA crowd or those people who, maybe as a result of the glut of bad teen-horror TV programming, fear werewolf attacks.

"The Bullet-2 drive is the ultimate USB drive because it is rugged, reliable, waterproof, dust-proof," Active Media wrote in a press release. This new drive retails for about $14 at Amazon for a 4GB model and $21 for the 8GB.

At a time when the country has been rocked recently by high-profile gun violence, one might think Active Media's marketing department would have put the kibosh on a release now. But apparently bullet-shaped USB drives are a hot commodity.

Before the .22-caliber model, the company offered a drive shaped like a .50 caliber bullet.