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If 'Game of Thrones' characters had Tinder profiles

When things calm down in Westeros, maybe the people who live there could chill and start getting some action on Tinder. If so, this is what their profiles might look like.

Ashley Nawn

There's not a whole lot of dating going in the world of popular HBO series "Game of Thrones," what with all the sword slashing, scheming and singeing from fiery dragon's breath. But that didn't stop artist Ashley Nawn from putting together a series of images that envision what the profiles of a few of the show's characters would look like on hook-up app Tinder.

"I came up with them around the Season 5 premiere," Nawn told CNET's Crave blog about her inspiration for the series. "I watched video of the cast getting asked at the premiere which characters they'd swipe right for, so, I decided to come up with a couple characters for an illustration series."

"Swiping right," of course, is Tinder speak for saying yes to another person's profile, an action that allows you to text and possibly connect with them in person -- providing they say yes to your profile. We imagine lots of people would swipe right for "Game of Thrones" heartthrob Jon Snow, seen here. That hair!

Ashley Nawn

Nawn graduated from The New School in New York City about a year ago and has been temping and interning since. She says she doesn't really consider herself an artist, but she was inspired to try digital illustrations after seeing others create projects on Behance and Tumblr.

Here Nawn shows Daenerys Targaryen's would-be Tinder profile.

Ashley Nawn

And we have an image of Hodor too. We're not sure he's really a Tinder kind of guy, but to know him is to love him, right?

Nawn says she's got a phase two of the project in mind as well as some other ideas that might involve characters from "Star Wars," Doctor Who" and "The Walking Dead" -- not necessarily altogether (although how cool would that be?). You can see more of her "Game of Thrones" Tinder profiles, in addition to her other work, on her Behance page here.