iDo: How to marry your iPhone

Here's a clever way to have a more secure relationship with your iPhone. The iDo iPhone 4 case incorporates an articulating finger-grasping ring to keep your phone from dropping. The ring also acts as a kickstand to prop your loved one up.

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David Carnoy
The $25 iDo case is available in two ring sizes and six colors. Rampant Innovations

People get pretty tight with their iPhones, but if you really want to take your relationship to the next level, put a ring on it, as Beyonce would say.

That's the idea behind the interesting new iDo iPhone 4 case from Rampant Innovations, which integrates an articulating finger-grasping ring to keep your phone from dropping. What's also cool is that the ring acts as a 360-degree kickstand to prop up your phone either vertically or horizontally.

We've been playing around with an iDo case for a couple of days and it's really pretty clever. The case itself is lightweight, made of hard plastic, and not terribly fancy except for the ring part. The case comes in six different colors and two different ring sizes (large and small). Price: $25.

Have a look at the video below to see if you're ready to commit. As for those of you looking to tie the knot with your Android smartphone, alas, there's no iDo yet for you, so you'll have to continue living in sin.

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