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HP VP talks laptops, new slate prototype (podcast)

Philip McKinney, the CTO of Hewlett Packard's personal systems group, talks with Larry Magid about some new laptops and Netbooks, a portable projector, and the prototype slate computer that Steve Ballmer showed off at CES

Phlip McKenny, CTO of HP Personal Systems Group HP

Philip McKinney is vice president and chief technology officer for the Personal Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard, where he oversees the group's long-range technical strategy and research and development. At the Showstoppers press event at CES, McKinney was walking around with a couple of new latops PCs and a new portable VGA pico projector.

Larry Magid and McKinney talked about these products, but Magid couldn't help but ask about HP's slate PC prototype that Microsoft Steve Ballmer showed off during his keynote address. McKinney wouldn't go into much detail about this unannounced product, but Magid got at least a bit of information out of him.


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