How to use 'Up Next' on the Apple TV

The recent release of iTunes 11 and its "Up Next" feature has found its way to the Apple TV. Here's what you need to know.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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When Apple released iTunes 11, an update was pushed for the iOS Remote app. The Remote update enabled users to take advantage of the new "Up Next" feature when playing music from a local iTunes library, along with on the Apple TV.

At the same time the Remote update and iTunes 11 was released, an update to the Apple TV itself was also released. This update enabled Up Next when streaming music through Home Sharing or iTunes Match on your TV. Here's some tips for using Up Next via the Remote app or directly on an Apple TV.


  • You'll find that using the Up Next feature in the Remote app is identical to using Up Next in iTunes 11. The same controls to add, edit, and arrange are present both when viewing the music library and the Up Next queue. When attempting to add an individual song, you can tap and hold on it until you're prompted with what action you'd like to take.
  • The only lacking feature I have noticed so far is the ability to view your played history.

Apple TV

  • Using Up Next directly on the Apple TV is not as obvious as it is with the Remote app. Primarily because you won't see anything Up Next related until you're playing music through your TV.
  • Once you've started playing music on your Apple TV, you'll need to back out to the main Music screen. At the top of the category list you should now see Up Next listed. Select it.
  • When viewing the queue, you'll see the familiar three-line icon next to each song. This icon typically indicates that the item can be moved around on the list (at least when it comes to Apple's use of it). But you'll notice when you highlight a song, the icon itself isn't included. Using your remote, press the right button once and you'll highlight the icon. Now you can move the song up or down, changing the play order in the queue.
  • What happens if you're viewing a song in your music library and you want to add it to the list? Press and hold the select button on your Apple TV remote until a menu pops up and select the appropriate action.

For a more detailed look at how to use Up Next on the Apple TV, make sure to watch the video below: