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How to test the waters and not get wet

A point-and-shoot thermometer for fishing.


We know it sounds crazy, but a few gamers might actually get tired of bass fishing on the Wii. (Some people are just never satisfied.)

So for those fickle anglers who think they're good enough to progress from virtual to real waters, here's an item that may still tickle their digital fancy. The "William Joseph Infrared Thermometer" is supposedly the first point-and-shoot model of its kind, designed to literally test the waters without getting your feet wet or--more important--without disturbing the fish.

This may seem like overkill for those not acquainted with the finer points of angling, but trust us: True fly-fishing aficionados are as serious about their sport as golfers are about theirs. And given some of the things we hear about the Wii, real fishing might be safer too.