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How to take computer work lying down

The Swedish "Netsurfer" chair is tailor-made for us (except for the price).


Ah, sweet vindication. For years we've been saying that reclining was the only way to go, when working on a computer. Finally, supplies of accommodating furniture are starting to catch up to our demand.

The "Netsurfer" from a Swedish's Snowcrash--the best company name ever--is the latest in a growing market of chairs that claim to combine sound ergonomics with sleep-inducing comfort. The description alone is bedtime music to our ears: "The semi-reclining position with the screen at eye level is designed to be comfortable for long periods. Pillows support the neck and lower back, arms and legs are supported on adjustable arm and footrests." With features like that, who needs the computer?

Its designers also bring European aesthetics to the Netsurfer, which is made of black leather and a steel frame with a "matte gray powder-coated finish," so you can look good while "working." There's just one problem--the price: $4,300, according to Luxurylaunches. For that kind of money, we'd expect something like the climate-controlled apparatus of the "Aura." Please wake us up if you find something cheaper.