How to join the CyanogenMod GalleryNext beta

CyanogenMod has released its photo gallery app in public beta for all to test. Here's how you can begin using it right now.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani

Jason Cipriani/CNET

CyanogenMod, the open-source version of Android that is growing in popularity, has released what is expected to eventually be the officially gallery app for the custom OS.

The app, GalleryNext, is currently in beta and requires users who are interested in trying it out to take a few additional steps before it can be installed on any Android device. You don't need to be running CyanogenMod to take part in the beta.

As announced on Google+ by Koushik Dutta, you'll first need to join the CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta Google+ community, then join the beta by clicking this link.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

After you've joined both the community and the beta, you'll find the GalleryNext app in the Play Store at this link.

The app combines your photos and videos from multiple cloud services such as Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, and Facebook, with the media stored locally on your device.

There's not a whole lot beyond the basic organization features to the app right now, but being a beta and all, that will hopefully change in the coming weeks.

Simply using the app as a way to view all of my media across various services in a one app is enough reason to join the beta for me.