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How to get your hands on the new Square card reader

Square recently released an improved, redesigned card reader. Current Square users will need to request a new one.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Earlier this month Square announced the release of a new card reader. The redesigned reader is roughly 45 percent smaller and is supposed to be far more accurate than its predecessor.

The only thing left out of the announcement was how existing Square users should go about getting the new Square reader. Square mentioned new customers would be sent the new reader when signing up for an account, but what about loyal customers?

The current method for obtaining the new card reader is to request one through your account settings. Existing Square users will need to log in to their Square Dashboard and request a card reader. Once you sign in to your Square account, click on your name and select "Get a Card Reader" from the list of options. Enter your shipping address and submit the form.

About a week later a shiny new card reader will arrive in your mailbox. Need more than one reader? You can request multiple readers from Square by filling out this form.

Square will start shipping the new card reader to retail outlets early in 2014. You can check this FAQ page for updates on retail availability. And for when the new readers are available in retail outlets, Square has a convenient map to show you the closest locations based on your ZIP code. Purchasing a card reader will cost you $10 up front, but your Square account will be credited for the cost once you enter a promo code (included with the reader).