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How to get rid of your Christmas tree easily after the holidays

Don't let your Christmas tree disposal stress you out.

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Shelby Brown
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The first Christmas tree my husband and I put in our new house was a disaster. We picked it up at a hardware store, and once we finally got it on top of the car and home, we couldn't get it to stand up straight, and our cats wouldn't quit drinking the tree water. Just before New Year's, we hauled the dehydrated twig onto the back porch. It stayed there for months because we were too lazy to drag it around for trash pickup. The rain somehow infuriatingly brought it back to life. We eventually hauled it off the porch to the driveway, where it's remained for the rest of the year. 

Picking out the perfect tree, lugging it home, setting it up and decorating it can be fun, but it can also be a hassle -- and getting rid of a Christmas tree is equal parts pain in the butt and a little sad. You may not need a tree delivered anymore, but scroll to the bottom for quick and painless removal services.

Christmas tree delivery services 


And you thought Wayfair only dealt with home decor. Well, it could be argued that your Christmas tree is home decor for at least the month of December. Wayfair has a lot of different options for your holiday tree needs. Filter by size, shape, color, freshly cut or artificial, and the site will return dozens of trees. Wayfair offers traditional trees like Fraser and Balsam firs, smaller, potted decorative trees and more -- and will deliver them right to your door. 

Home Depot

If you prefer artificial trees, you might check out Home Depot's selection. If you're not planning to venture out to one of its locations, you can order one to your specifications online. Shop smaller trees under 6 feet, or the perfect tree for your towering ceiling at over 9 feet. Home Depot has classic trees, decorated ones, potted trees and more. The store also sells trees already strung with lights (hooray, no tangles!). You can also shop for more realistic styles in artificial trees, tree stands, skirts and storage. If you're a Christmas tree purist, Home Depot also has real trees for delivery

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If you march to the beat of your own drum, you might be looking for something a little different this holiday season. Treetopia offers a selection of multicolored and patterned artificial trees in a number of different sizes and shapes. If you're not feeling quite that festive, the site does have green artificial, yet realistic, trees. Treetopia also offers tree stands, wreaths, garlands, ways to store your tree and more. The artificial trees last for about five years, according to the site, and have a two-year warranty. 

Pro Flowers

ProFlowers, where you may have ordered a floral arrangement or two for past special occasions, also carries seasonal mini Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. While it doesn't have full-size trees like the other sites, ProFlowers does carry small trees that would look nice on a fireplace mantle or the dining room table. Maybe your home isn't quite equipped for the 9-foot fir of your dreams, or you just don't want the hassle. You can also order wreaths, gift cookie tins and same-day flower deliveries.   

Christmas tree removal services

You can search for local Christmas tree removal and trash services to see what is available in your area. But here are two other resources to help you out. 

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Recycle your Christmas tree

When it comes time to get rid of your Christmas tree, the options start pretty close to home. Trees can actually be recycled -- not to be used next December, but for other purposes. Depending on your location, you can opt for curbside pickup from your usual recycling service, contact mulching programs or see if there are nonprofit pickup options like the Boy Scouts. To see what's offered in your area, you can Google [your state or town] + Christmas tree recycling. 

In some cases, you can put the Christmas tree to use in your own backyard as a bird feeder or mulch, or replant it in your yard. Your tree can also help the community as a soil erosion barrier, a fish feeder if sunk into a pond or as paths for hiking trails. 


So much holiday shopping is completed by way of Amazon. The e-commerce giant can also help you wrap up the holiday season with Christmas tree disposal bags for cheap. The pine needles, in general, are one of the more irritating parts of getting a tree out of your home. You're stabbed, scratched and the little buggers wind up all over the floor. The bags from Amazon can make it easier to move the tree out of your house with minimal mess, whether you plan to leave it for trash collection or take it to a recycling center. 

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