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How to deter theft with a head of lettuce

Or you could hide candy in it.

Bim Bam Banana

Remember in Jurassic Park when that nerdy bad guy played by Wayne Knight hid those stolen dinosaur embryos by stashing them in a shaving cream can? Well, this is kind of the same idea, except we hope you won't hide stolen dinosaur embryos in this. Gizmodo has alerted us to an innovative anti-theft solution that allows you to hide your valuables in what appears to be a head of lettuce. You then would presumably stash the "lettuce" in your refrigerator where it would look like just another veggie, and hope that if a burglar comes to your house he doesn't stop by the fridge to make himself a BLT in the process. Unfortunately, since it's the size of a head of lettuce, if you're Bill Gates and you have lots of valuables, I guess you would have to install a walk-in lettuce fridge should you choose to implement this anti-theft solution.

Such an innovative storage device has uses beyond theft deterrence, though. Personally, I would hide candy in it. My roommate always steals the chocolate that I keep in the fridge, but he really hates vegetables, so there's no way he'd even touch a head of lettuce.

It's yours for $50.