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How to change the docked icons on Samsung TouchWiz

Tired of looking at icons for apps you don't use in the dock area on your Samsung Android phone? Here's an easy way to put shortcuts for the apps you use most often while getting rid of the ones you haven't touched in weeks.

The dock area is very handy when you need to access your favorite apps on the fly. However, when all of the icons are for anything but your favorite apps, it makes the dock a lot less appealing. That's why there's a way to change this, but it's hidden in a menu that only appears when looking at your app drawer. Here's how to set up shortcuts you'll actually use:

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 1: Open the app drawer on your device.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 2: Press the Menu button on your device and choose View type.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 3: Pick Customizable grid from the pop-up menu.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 4: Press the Menu button again and this time choose Edit.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 5: Drag and drop the apps you want onto the dock bar.

Tip: You can also drag away icons you don't want and only fill a couple of the original spots. However, you will not be able to drag the Home icon away from the dock bar.

Step 6: After you finish making adjustments, tap the Menu button and then Save.

If you'd like to change back to your original view for the app drawer, simply repeat Steps 1 through 3, but pick Alphabetical grid (or you can try out the List view) for Step 3.

That's it! Now the apps you're using will be the ones at your fingertips. What apps do you keep on your dock bar?

Special thanks to user czmyt for noticing that Step 6 wandered off and got lost.