Honda kills Accord Hybrid

Honda's Accord Hybrid was never a big seller, and now it goes away.

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Accord Hybrid just never caught on.
Accord Hybrid just never caught on. Honda

No sooner does Toyota announce it will hybridize its entire car line than Honda pulls the plug on the Accord Hybrid. Only 25,000 have been sold in three years--Toyota sold that many Priuses last month.

Accord buyers tend to be a sober bunch, and the numbers didn't impress them: The Accord Hybrid costs $31,090 and delivers 28/35 mpg. Compare that to a standard 4-cylinder gas-engined Accord for $25,050 that delivers 26/34 mpg.

Which isn't to say that hybrids with dubious fuel economy advantages can't sell--Lexus is happy with the GS, RX, and pending LS hybrids--but those are buyers who are willing to pay to make a progressive statement. More damaging to the Accord is the Camry hybrid which costs $4,890 less and delivers much better mpg of 40/38.

Honda's Civic Hybrid will stay in the lineup, but look for the Accord Hybrid to go poof when the redesigned Accord line hits showrooms this fall--possibly ushering in a diesel for the first time.