Hide your wallets: Sony's expensive new Vaio Z reviewed

The updated Sony Vaio Z has an unusual new feature -- an external docking station with a discrete AMD GPU built in.

Dan Ackerman Editorial Director / Computers and Gaming
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Dan Ackerman

Sony has a reputation for building excellent high-end laptops (and even the company's less expensive models usually have a snazzy feel), but the Vaio Z is truly the top of the Vaio line, starting at $2,000 for a thin 13-inch with decent specs and a sharp design (our review unit was $2,749).

The latest version of the Vaio Z adds some very unusual new features. While the laptop itself looks and feels like a standard luxury 13-inch (its competition would be the MacBook Air or Samsung Series 9), it includes a separate docking station about the size of an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. That docking station includes a few extra ports and connections, as well as an optical drive (upgradable to Blu-ray), but more importantly, it has an AMD Radeon 6630M GPU built in.

The Vaio Z Series is available for preorder starting today at the Sony Style website.

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