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Help Maingear pick a new desktop design

Maingear mulling over desktop concepts for next year.

You know how a vendor will "leak" product info ahead of time to drum up interest in a conspiratorial kind of way? We have a feeling that's what's going on with these Maingear desktop concepts that conveniently found their way to our in-box this morning. We'll bite though, because they're so weird-looking (and heck, if Dell can do it, why not Maingear?). From what we gather, Maingear is trying to narrow down a design for Q1 2009.


All we have are external shots, so we have no idea what's going on inside. The exterior of this first one is pretty straightforward though. We like the slot-loading front panel optical drives, as well as what looks like the glossy black face. And as HP did with BlackBird 002 and Voodoo will do with its new Omen, the elevated chassis leaves room for underbody airflow. We'll go ahead and call that a trend now.


This next idea embraces its elevation even more. The body of the case seems to float inside that outer band. The vertical frontside slots and inputs are interesting, although we've come to love top-side USB inputs recently. We're also intrigued by the fat beer-bottle silhouette. Maybe the bottom needs to be wider because Nvidia's next-gen 3D cards will be twice as tall? With that band in the way, we presume Maingear has come up with a way to get inside other than the traditional removable side panel. Seems like a lot of brushed aluminum.


This last idea is similar to the one above, but a little more space age. Based on the render, the support material seems to be some kind of finished metal. Again, we wonder about internal access, but it looks like there's a seam on the back edge, like you might be able to pull out the whole motherboard tray. But then how do you connect the IDE and SATA drive cables?

Call us traditionalists, but we like the first design the best. Maybe it's because the USB ports are higher up. Our hunch is that Maingear would love to hear your thoughts as well.