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'Hello Kitty' MMO goes into beta

New online game turns the genre on its head by building world around the famous Sanrio characters.

Sanrio Digital's newest online game is 'Hello Kitty Online,' which brings the iconic cartoon characters into a virtual world.
Sanrio Digital

Usually when you hear the awkward acronym "MMORPG," which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, it's referring to some title in which elves take on dragons, or orcs battle with giant swords against shamans.

You know, your typical World of Warcraft stuff.

But on Wednesday, the newest MMORPG went into private beta, and there's not a battle axe in sight.

We bring you, courtesy of famous blogger and investor, Joi Ito: Hello Kitty Online, the new online game from Sanrio Digital.

In addition to many of the regular features of an online game, like a virtual economy, guilds and custom avatars, Hello Kitty Online will offer players "a persistent, beautifully-designed environment where thousands of players and (non-player characters) live, explore and quest in a magical world with real and imaginary zones such as the Flower Kingdom, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and more."

Of course, it's really too early to tell what this game will be like, but it's sure to draw tons of players in, initially at least, because of its theme. After all, who doesn't think of Hello Kitty and get all squishy inside? Well, okay, I don't, but that doesn't mean you don't. Right?