Heineken's 147 years of making beer in Amsterdam

Road Trip 2011: Many visitors to the Dutch capital can't leave without taking in the Heineken Experience, a self-guided tour through the old Heineken brewery and a chance to see how the world-famous beer is made.

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A look at several copper kettles formerly used in the Heineken brewing process is part of the self-guided tour in Amsterdam known as the Heineken Experience. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

AMSTERDAM--Its green bottle is instantly recognizable. Its brand name is known throughout the world. It may not be the best beer on Earth, but it certainly is one of the most popular.

It, of course, is Heineken, and for many people a visit to the Dutch capital is not possible without taking a tour of the big brick building with "Heineken Brouwerij" emblazoned on the side: The old Heineken brewery.

CNET gets its Heine in gear at the 'Heineken Experience' (photos)

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Though the building no longer houses the actual brewery, today it is home to what is known as the "Heineken Experience," a self-guided tour through the 147-year history of the famous brand that encompasses a look at how the beer is made, the progression of the well-known logo, and a look at how the ubiquitous green bottle came to be.

And don't fret: Included in your $21 entry fee is at least two glasses of beer.

Making your way through takes between one and two hours, depending on how quickly you want to get to those suds. You'll see some of the horses that pull the iconic Heineken cart around, you'll watch a video explaining the brewing process (see video below), and you might even get a lesson in how to pour the perfect glass of draft beer.

I'd taken the tour many, many years ago, and as part of Road Trip 2011, I knew it was time to do it again, at least in part because I've got a small but growing beat writing about how different alcoholic beverages are made. Over the last few years, I've done stories on Maker's Mark, Sam Adams, and the Robert Mondavi and Alpha Omega wineries. How could I not visit Heineken?

But in case anyone is wondering, I stopped at one beer. It was morning, after all.