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Heat-sensing collar texts you when your dog is too hot

A clever tech solution steps up to warn dog owners when their pets are getting too hot in the car.

Dog Caller collar
The Dog Caller could be a dog's best friend.
Toronto Humane Society

Dogs and hot cars are a combination that should never happen, but sometimes dog owners leave their pooches in vehicles as they run errands. A new high-tech collar could help prevent dog-overheating deaths.

The Dog Caller combines a SIM card and a thermistor to monitor the temperature around a dog and send the owner a text alert when it nears 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The collar is part of a campaign developed by marketing firm Rethink Toronto for the Toronto Humane Society.

I'm curious how this collar would react to normal summer temperatures where I live in New Mexico. We've taken dog walks up to the corner on days when it's more than 90 degrees. Would the collar constantly be sending alerts?

The Dog Caller is still in development, but a fully functional prototype has already been built. The next step is an expected crowd-funding campaign with the aim of making the collar widely available in 2013.

Dog Caller text message
This text message could save a dog's life. Toronto Humane Society

(Via Mashable)