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Hear me now: Songbird disposable hearing aid hits market

Songbird Hearing, Inc. has officially launched its $79 disposable hearing aid.

The Flexfit costs $79 and offers 400 hours of usage. Songbird Hearing

With all of us destroying our ears listening to our iPods--and other portable music devices--chances are we're all going to need hearing aids someday. Well, there's some good news for those of you looking ahead to your golden years: Songbird Hearing, Inc. has officially released its new inexpensive disposable hearing aid, the Songbird Flexfit.

According to the company's press release, "Traditional hearing aids can cost as much as $6,000 and involve professional office visits and fittings to be effective." The key development here is that Songbird is selling the Flexfit for $79 and it lasts 2 to 6 months (400 hours) before you have to exchange it for a new one. Songbird Hearing also says that the Flexfit can "be easily adjusted to fit almost anyone without the need for a hearing exam." In other words, you can order it right over the Internet or by phone without having your hearing tested by a professional (I'm not sure whether that's good or bad).

The release also notes:

Research indicates that people will use the aid for situational use, such as during business meetings, while watching television, at family gatherings, or participating in worship services. When used this way, Songbird will last for two to six months, and then can be simply replaced with a brand new unit, eliminating the need for the professional maintenance traditional hearing aids often require.

Anybody worried they're going to need one of these soon? Are iPods destroying our hearing as computer screens are destroying everyone's eyes--or at least bloggers' eyes?