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Harrison Ford dresses as hot dog to reveal 'Star Wars' secrets

Technically Incorrect: Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's show, the veteran actor is as amusing as ever while talking up the new "Star Wars" movie. He also offers a couple of dry revelations.

Harrison Ford being frank about the new Star Wars flick.
Jimmy Kimmel Live; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

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For those who can't get enough of "Star Wars," there won't be enough of "Star Wars" over the next few weeks.

For those who can get enough, and perhaps have already had enough, there are saving graces.

A public appearance by Harrison Ford, for example.

Appearing on Thursday with Jimmy Kimmel, Han Solo came in Halloween garb. His chosen costume wasn't, say, Captain Kirk or even Princess Leia.

He came as a hot dog. Please don't ask why. He just did. He also didn't seem completely aware that Kimmel was dressed as Leia.

Kimmel tried to get Ford to talk about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," which opens December 18. Ford replied with a vast incontrovertible truth: "What is there to say?"

So much has been rumored, written, intimated and even revealed that the hype seems now to be about only the hype.

Ford tried his best to say something: "I want the audience to experience it." He even tried his best to answer deep questions with humor. Why, he was asked, isn't Luke Skywalker on the movie poster?

"There wasn't room," he replied.

This was one revelation. The next was about the movie itself: "It's really, really good." He added: "You will not be disappointed at all."

Ford is so utterly classy that even when he belched he turned it into a classy moment. Kimmel helped: "You must be a beer sausage."

Asked if "Star Wars" would have been up his alley even if he'd not been in the movies, Han Solo offered that it would have been "down the block" (video below).

If the movie is half as good as Ford's presence and humor, perhaps even I might go to see it.