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'Indiana Jones' flick set for 2019, as Harrison Ford 2.0 rolls along

The fifth film in the series will bring Ford and director Steven Spielberg together again to see what movie magic can still be made with an aging archaeologist.

He's not done yet...

It's time to have a serious discussion about whether Harrison Ford is immortal. After all, news broke Tuesday that the actor will star in a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie, set for release in 2019.

At age 73, and with a frickin' plane crash very near in his rearview mirror, Ford continues to crush it at a pace that would likely break many younger stars. He's not only resurrecting the most iconic and adventurous archaeologist in cinema history. He's also coming off a blockbuster reprisal of the role that made his name, in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and is starring in a very long-awaited "Blade Runner" sequel.

In a statement, Disney said: "Indiana Jones will return to the big screen on July 19, 2019, for a fifth epic adventure in the blockbuster series. Steven Spielberg, who directed all four previous films, will helm the as-yet-untitled project with star Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role. Franchise veterans Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce."

Disney says the first four films in the franchise have brought in a total of $2 billion at the box office, going back to the original "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in 1981.

Being tied to that kind of success, not to mention "Star Wars," Ford clearly has the Midas touch, so why not bring back all his old roles? Let's send him to the White House so he can take another flight on "Air Force One." Heck, maybe it's even worth considering a sequel to "Cowboys and Aliens."

OK, maybe that's taking it too far. What other roles would you like to see the man reprise? Since the tough-as-nails actor doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, he should be able to get to them all.