Halo Infinite will hit Xbox Series X in 'fall 2021'

The game's creative director revealed the new release window on Tuesday.

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Halo Infinite was meant to launch alongside the Xbox Series X|S , but it ended up being delayed until "2021." On Tuesday 343 Industries, the game's developer, revealed it'd be coming later in the year than many hoped.

"It's my honor as creative director to help our team ship Halo Infinite in Fall 2021," wrote 343 Industries' Joseph Staten, creative director of Halo Infinite, in a lengthy update on the game's progress. "Yep, that's when the game is coming out. And from now until then, every one of us at 343i and our great partner teams will be building, testing, and polishing an experience we hope all of you love."

Halo Infinite will hit both the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One platforms when it is eventually released. As much as it's a tool to sell new Xbox consoles , it'll also be the crown jewel of Xbox Game Pass, as it'll be available on Microsoft's Netflix-esque subscription service on launch day. 

The game was previously showcased in August, leading to considerable criticism from fans on its graphical quality. Halo Infinite's delay was announced soon thereafter, and some fans are anxious over the team losing several key team members over the past year. Staten, author of Tuesday's blog post, came to the team after the previous creative director left left August. 

343 Industries
343 Industries

"We aren't making this game for us. We're making it for you," said Staten. "My first week on the job, I played the entire Infinite campaign. Twice. I was, in a word, stunned—in the best possible way—by what the team had done. Infinite is, by far, the most expansive and vertical Halo world, ever. Why did the team do this? Because they understand that wonder and freedom are key to the Halo experience."

The blog also shared the above screenshots from Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode, which will be free-to-play. 

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