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Hail to the chick: Chinese pheasant looks like Donald Trump

Photos of a bird in China have gone viral thanks to its astonishingly presidential head of hair.

Is any comedy show in need of a president-elect Donald Trump impersonator? If so, there's a golden pheasant in China that might be able to fill the bill.

Photos of Little Red, a golden pheasant with a bright Trump-like feathery do on the top of its head, started to go viral this week after the resemblance was noted.. The bird's feathers are thicker and brighter than normal as cold weather approaches, which might explain its resemblance to the newly elected mogul.

The park has given into the bird's newly elected fame, and on Wednesday added a number of photos of Little Red to its official website.

"We see the pheasant every day," a spokesman for China's Hangzhou Safari Park told Britain's Daily Mail. "We don't think he is special in any way, so we are very surprised to see he has become a star."

Not the first surprise in this election season, just the first with feathers.