Hack a DS to control your Canon dSLR

A remote control makes it easier to take HDR photos easier. The folks at HDR Labs have created one that uses the Nintendo DS.

John Chan
remote control using Nintendo DS
HDR Labs

The people at HDR Labs, given the nature of HDR photos, are those who take lots of shots to create one image. A remote control that makes the process easier is important and, to that end, they've created one that uses the Nintendo DS.

This project gives the photographer two extra screens and features that make the camera more useful to these professionals.

The process isn't easy and requires a Nintendo DS (original or Lite will do); a WarioWare: Twisted GBA cartridge; and other parts that will need to be soldered into the cartridge. Check out the project page for the full instructions.

(Source: Crave Asia via CrunchGear)