'Green Goblin' flies through Paris Bastille Day celebrations armed with a rifle

Didn't Spider-Man just get back from a trip through Europe... coincidence?

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Bastille Day Military Ceremony In Paris

Didn't Spider-Man just get back from a trip to Europe? COINCIDENCE... I think not.

Chesnot/Getty Images

The 14th of July is Bastille Day, the national day of France, a celebration of the Storming of the Bastille, a turning point in the French Revolution.

But on Sunday, Bastille Day belonged to French inventor Franky Zapata, who literally flew over the Bastille Day celebrations (led by French President Emmanuel Macron) like the Green Goblin.

This was part of a military parade, featuring the 10 European countries that make up the European Intervention Initiative. Zapata stole the show, zipping through the air on a turbine engine-powered hoverboard, armed with a rifle.

Zapata was the inventor of this device and, in 2018, was given a €1.3 million grant by the French military to make it functional for military use.

Folks on Twitter made the obvious connection: Zapata is the French Green Goblin.

Didn't Spider-Man just get back from a trip to Europe?

Coincidence? I think not.

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